Whatsapp Blue ticks Hidden tricks

) The WhatsApp feature introduced the Blue Tick feature in 2014, which lets you know if the next person has read your message.

Synchronizing on a message after this feature is exposed means that your message has reached the next person,

double gray tick means that the next person has received your message on the mobile phone but has Not yet read, double-clicking the blue on the message means that your message has been read.

The blue tick option is turned off by some people in the settings, so you don’t know if the next person has read your message or not,

if you want to know when the next one is.

If the person has read your message or not and if you do not read ‘agnur’ somewhere,

then you can easily find the address by following this simple method.

* Open the chat of the person you think has closed the Blue Tick option

*Send a voice message to this person

* If that person listens to the voice note,

the microphone icon will turn blue, confirming that he or she is reading your messages but not responding.

It should also be clear that this is not a new method. This method was first introduced in March 2018.



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